Report 4800: Climate Change Adaptation


Report 4800: Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience Markets (updated June 2017) focuses on the U.S. climate change adaptation industry, emerging markets in resilience and prospects for global growth. The U.S. climate change adaptation industry is still emerging, led by consulting & engineering firms doing assessment, risk science, modeling and planning work. CCBJ estimates that adaptation is a $700-million industry and will grow to a billion-dollar industry in the United States by 2020, followed by more substantial contracting growth once design and construction of adaptation measures begin in earnest. The global market already is on the order of $2 billion when counting construction, but the market is clearly divided by assessment, planning, design and construction and specialists in each area.

CCBJ's assessment of climate change adaptation & resilience markets identifies funded projects in a variety of regions conducted by utilities, states, ports, institutions, government agencies, non-profits, universities as well as a few well-placed consulting & engineering firms. Design, engineering and construction of responses or preventive measures will ultimately be the bulk of the market, but most believe that construction activity on a major scale is unlikely to take off within a 5-year time frame in the U.S. However, markets in the developing world may see earlier movement depending on international funding agreements.

This 424-page report maps out the Climate Change Adaptation Industry and resilience markets into service and client breakdowns with market forecasts, and profiles of existing projects and companies engaged in the practice. The table of Content lists the numerous companies whose practice areas are profiled.

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