Scenarios for the Nov 2022 Election Outcome

Clear SCENARIOS for the Nov 2022 Election Outcome by EBI lead political analyst Andy Paterson: October 3, 2022


[In the forecasting business we avoid saying “We will see”
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On being an industry analyst and the Climate Change Industry… or the Decarbonization Industry… or the Regeneration Industry.

As an industry analyst, market forecaster or futurist it can be very useful to go back to your roots. As publisher and editor of Environmental Business Journal since 1988, I … Read more

EBJ & The Hype Cycle


While we at EBJ think of ourselves as forward-thinking industry analysts, we like to acknowledge other pioneers and apply their analytical frameworks to the environmental … Read more

Day After Election Observations

Can we put the election on the dinner table now?
Trump wins wipe outs in Florida and Ohio… and closer than expected in Texas.
But Trump loses Arizona and
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Last Minute Election Forecast: EBI’s MiW ‘Hazards an Outcome’

Point: So who wins on November 3? A big victory for the Dems? Biden gets 300+ electoral votes and the Dems win the Senate by one seat or the tiebreak,

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Democratic Primaries to Super Tuesday: Art of the D Deal

Art of the Deal: February 29 version

Here’s how it happens…
On the political website 538 “No outright Winner” reached as much as 50%
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Post Iowa Landscape

EBJ Q: How did the 2020 election season kick off?

Political Sage in DC:
Based on the debacle in Iowa, the Dems have suffered an “OWN GOAL” to start the
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THIRD DEBATE: Mostly a Draw

THIRD DEBATE: Mostly a Draw
EBJ’s ‘Man in Washington’ says:
Castro cost himself progress by attacking Biden thuggishly about his memory. Didn’t work at all. Took himself out.
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Climate Change Policy Through Capital Markets

Point: OK illustrious EBI’s all-seeing Man-in-DC: Here’s a direct quote from one of our fellow opinion leaders: “Over the past few months, we’ve been hearing growing voices warn that climate … Read more

No new gas plants?

POINT: Michael Bloomberg is promoting his vision to “stop the construction of new gas plants,” reasoning that by the time they would be built, they would be “out of date … Read more