THIRD DEBATE: Mostly a Draw

THIRD DEBATE: Mostly a Draw
EBJ’s ‘Man in Washington’ says:
Castro cost himself progress by attacking Biden thuggishly about his memory. Didn’t work at all. Took himself out.
Biden likely … Read more

Climate Change Policy Through Capital Markets

Point: OK illustrious EBI’s all-seeing Man-in-DC: Here’s a direct quote from one of our fellow opinion leaders: “Over the past few months, we’ve been hearing growing voices warn that climate … Read more

No new gas plants?

POINT: Michael Bloomberg is promoting his vision to “stop the construction of new gas plants,” reasoning that by the time they would be built, they would be “out of date … Read more

Green New Deal

POINT (EBJ’s Voice in DC)

Green New Deal Can’t Depend 100% on Renewable Energy

Many cities (San Diego, Portland, WDC, San Fran, even Puerto Rico) are adopting “100% Renewable” standards … Read more

Post-Trump Strategy

Question: Fact Checker recently sported this headline: A year of unprecedented deception: Trump averaged 15 false claims a day in 2018.
Does that mean he is slacking off or slowing … Read more


INSIGHTS on the 2018 Election Results

Point: A modest takeover of the House for the Democrats doesn’t amount to much… does it? Or is there any historical precedent to the next two years?

CounterPoint from EBJ’s … Read more

Independent President in 2020?

Point: A Blue Wave in November 2018 will energize a new generation of democratic leadership stimulating both new leadership in the House and new candidates to run for President in … Read more


The Blue Wave is coming!

Blue State Point: The Blue Wave is coming! The democrats will have at least a 20-seat and possible 50-seat majority in the House of Representatives…  and yes even a majority … Read more

Late September Forecast of House Election Results

POINT: 9/24/2018; The latest credible 2018 election forecast for the House of Representatives says: 232Ds to 203Rs.


What did we learn from the 2016 election and the incorrect election … Read more

Kavanaugh’s Last Stand…or 2nd to Last


A tussle in a hallway upstairs at a teen party is hardly the systematic verbal sexual taunting that a credible Anita Hill was subjected to by Justice Thomas. So … Read more