Day After Election Observations

Can we put the election on the dinner table now?
Trump wins wipe outs in Florida and Ohio… and closer than expected in Texas.
But Trump loses Arizona and Michigan and Wisconsin by larger margins then he won in 2016!
And so Biden doesn’t even need Pennsylvania which won’t be decided until the weekend.
Game over on the White House.
House status quo, but Senate will be 52 Republican?
Not even in the oven yet — the hot steaming 5-state mess gets litigated past Jan. 6 without resolution.
Neither side garners 270.
The selection devolves to the new House, each state with ONE vote, where Trump gets 26 State votes.
It’s the United STATES of America.  The States are the Shareholders, not the Cities.
I see, but that means if it is really a federation of States then the States should have more authority to declare their own result and cast their own electoral votes in the electoral college.
And the precedent is Florida in 2000 with the State allowed to decide and validate its outcome by their own methods in their own state… so then Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and Michigan and Arizona should all be able to do the same in 2020. So if those States do so, I don’t think there’s a case to require the Supreme Court to ratify?
The state officials who have come on TV in the last 12 hours have all been very credible and focused and transparent about the process… and if their process is not allowed to determine the winner in their state without federal interference then it is not a federation of States but and autocracy run by the executive branch in Washington which is totally not what the founders and framers wanted… so Trump and his cronies are on the wrong side of the Constitution.
Mostly — except when the States are engaged in selecting FEDERAL Officials not just State officials.  Then the Supreme Court can intervene to adjudicate for the Federal interest.

Or some States may attempt to secede, rather than accept SCOTUS jurisdiction.

If Trump uses legal shenanigans and chicanery and gets four more years, California will link with Washington and Oregon to form Sierra Cascadia with possible annexations of the BCs, British Columbia and Baja California.

And yes, the Senate will be at least 52 Rs.  Collins in ME and Tillis in NC were unbelievable saves.
Schumer officially sucks  — blowing >$500M with negative results.