Democratic Primaries to Super Tuesday: Art of the D Deal

Art of the Deal: February 29 version

Here’s how it happens…
On the political website 538 “No outright Winner” reached as much as 50% likely for first time after Sanders got nicked up in the last debate.
Biden is bouncing back a bit with the Black Vote in SC.  538 runs their scenarios across all the States.
Sooo… Dealing starts BEFORE the Convention on July 13-16 in Milwaukee.
Team LEFTY: Sanders + Warren 
— Warren trades her Delegates to Bernie in exchange for HHS Secy… biggest welfare agency on planet.
A Bernie & Liz ticket is a loser.
— Bernie gets sensible Claire McCaskill, former Senator from MO, to balance the ticket.
On March 3: this Lefty duo might rack up about 700+ Delegates across the 14 States.  Need 1,991 in June to claim.
Team MOD QUAD: Biden + Bloomberg + Klobuchar + Buttigieg.
None of them want to be on a Bernie ticket.
— But, here’s the wrinkle: Biden has no money, so he and Bloomie do a swap; Joe really wants Secy of State, so he flips his Delegates to Mike the $Zillionaire as Prez with Klobuchar as Veep to mind the Senate and campaign in the Rust Belt. Buttigieg as mayor gets the HUD portfolio.  Biden served on Foreign Relations for two decades; he wants State.
On March 3: the MODerate QUAD might rack up about 600+ Delegates across the 14 States.
ADP 2/28/20