Post Iowa Landscape

EBJ Q: How did the 2020 election season kick off?

Political Sage in DC:
Based on the debacle in Iowa, the Dems have suffered an “OWN GOAL” to start the game.
And might be headed for a Brokered Convention with Bloomberg emerging after he writes a BIG Check to Chuck & Nancy ($1 Billion).
Can the Nomination be bought?  YES.   Bill Maher and other Dem Celebrities are in panic.
Or if Sanders gathers more momentum, and Biden drops out early, then there will only be three after Super Tuesday, March 3.
Calif with 415 delegates is TEN TIMES the size of Iowa for Democrats. In the General Election, Calif (55) is only SEVEN times more than Iowa (8).
So the big question is: Who wins Calif on March 3? 
EBJ: Who knows…. that’s why we vote.