THIRD DEBATE: Mostly a Draw

THIRD DEBATE: Mostly a Draw
EBJ’s ‘Man in Washington’ says:
Castro cost himself progress by attacking Biden thuggishly about his memory. Didn’t work at all. Took himself out.
Biden likely held ground, but didn’t gain much, ditto Sanders who was isolated as the Socialist. And, Biden looks younger next to Sanders.
Warren probably maintains her momentum from the “Make Govt Great Again” Left, which could channel this into a two horse race: JOE as the mainstream, Union guy Dem vs LIZ as the Progressive. Kamila seemed to disappear. Yang is still at $1,000. Beto raised hackles in Texas for exclaiming, “Hell yes, we’re gonna take yer AR-15s, and AK47s.” — that only works for urban Dem audiences. He won’t survive statewide. Klobuchar is sensible, but people don’t rally for nerds.
Candidates not on the stage? Wilderness.
Joe steadied the ship and will make it to the Primaries, but the Progressives have not united behind Liz or Bernie or… others, Mayor Pete?. So Joe LEADS with backing of less than 30% of the Dems. The well-healed Dem Donor crowd in NYC and among Bankers may run to Joe now to save them from Liz’s Wealth Tax Leviathan.
‘Voice from the Wilderness Says’
It may be that Warren turns out to be the most electable!
Some think she’s just too much like Hillary, and her inevitable move to the center in general will increase that vibe?
Or will knowing her better allow her to distance herself. She certainly doesn’t feel to be ‘in the pockets of Wall Street’ like Clinton appeared to many to be.
How does Bernie do it? Could America elect another old man?
Is there a dark horse? Late entry or last-minute entry?
Does a Never-Trumper find N-T money and run as an independent?
Stay tuned.