Post-Trump Strategy

Question: Fact Checker recently sported this headline: A year of unprecedented deception: Trump averaged 15 false claims a day in 2018.
Does that mean he is slacking off or slowing down? Or does it mean we need a new strategy?

Point: Right — we so need a “Post-Trump” strategy.  When the REPUBLICANS take him down.

The strategic Dems (Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Beto) want to run against Trump in 2020; raise LOTS of dough.
The rabid Dems (Maxine Waters, Al Green, et. al.) want to hang him tomorrow.
They don’t need to impeach him (but that might happen); under deeper threats of prosecution, Trump could just leave.
He wants to have a business empire for his family, not a smoldering ash heap of litigation.
Senator Romney has thrown down the gauntlet… the day after New Year’s Day.  He will challenge Trump (or Pence) in the Primary.
This is a perfectly timed campaign statement, to open 2019:
Romney’s term runs to 2022; he gets a free ride.
After Kavanaugh hearings and losing women in the suburbs in 2018, GOP will put Nikki Haley on the ticket in 2020.
GOP cannot run two aging white guys.  Haley is perfect.  Pence is last week’s wonder bread.
And Dems have the same problem:  Biden, Sanders lead the polls for Dems. Both are running.  Watch Beto.
The Dems ran a woman; she failed badly, blowing $640M, twice what Trump spent.
For 2020? Gillibrand (shrill), K.Harris (young; is she really ready?), Warren (regional candidate with genetic issues).  Meh.
The bar for ANY and ALL Dem candidates:  Can you take PA and OH?  Dems can win without Florida if PA, MI and OH come home.
Biden can take PA and would play well in those BigTEN states.  With Beto.

Romney is running.  For 2020, as of his early January salvo.

Counterpoint: So…. looks like Paterson’s fearless forecast has BIDEN-BETO posters in my front yard.
Didn’t you also pick Alabama to embarass Clemson and the Chargers to take down the Patriots?