Kavanaugh’s Last Stand…or 2nd to Last


A tussle in a hallway upstairs at a teen party is hardly the systematic verbal sexual taunting that a credible Anita Hill was subjected to by Justice Thomas. So if Kavanaugh admits that he was out of bounds and perhaps did commit some kind of adolescent assault that he was insensitive to at the time, and expresses genuine and appropriate remorse, does that save him?




This is a sad head fake. What harms the #METOO movement also are wayward accusations against a backdrop of big political motives. Sen. Feinstein sat on Ford’s letter since July: a) because it was sketchy, 36 years old; b) hoping something else would come up; c) then launched it as an ejection of all debris available to derail Kavanaugh, hoping that, as with Weinstein, other accusers would be catalyzed to come forward. Nothing.  Alas, no ‘stained blue dress’ was available. This is a quiver with no arrows left. Kavanaugh stood fast, and 65 women rallied to HIS Defense (as reported by FoxNews).  Judge Kavanaugh’s track record of honorable promoting and working with law clerks advanced the careers of many young women.  Contrast this to John Conyers, ex-Gov Eliot Spitzer, the great Ted Kennedy, or to Bill Clinton raiding the White House intern program — all of whom were defended widely by Democrats at the time of their “indiscretions”, WHILE IN OFFICE.  Dems lit their own exploding cigar.



Paterson’s bold prediction:

C.B. Ford is a NO SHOW on Monday, because she cannot take the oath.

# 53Yes-47No