Supreme Court Justice August 15 Comments


Fighting the appointment of Kavanaugh as the next Supreme Court Justice seems to me to be a waste of time for the Democrats. They should be expending their political capital elsewhere.



ANDY’S COUNTERPOINT (on the next Supreme Court Justice):

Yes, barring some misstep in the hearings, Kavanaugh seems likely to get the same votes as Gorsuch, 54-46. Democrats in heavy Red Trump states (ND, WV, IN, perhaps MO) and facing re-election will likely buckle to local pressure and vote AYE. Still, Big DONORS for the Democrats (Emily’s List, Hollywood) are demanding “the head of the Baptist” on a platter so the Dems need to raise their lances and go through the motions. A Borking, but with little effect on Senate votes.
Pragmatically, the money for Democrats would be better spent winning House seats, but the Progressive Core want people in the streets to mobilize that vote for November. But, some of that protesting might actually stimulate Republicans in swing districts also. We may not see a Blue Wave, but it could be a Blue Flip to say, 230Ds, 205Rs.


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