EBJ News December 12, 2017

EHS Software Market – Global EHS software market to reach $1.7 billion by 2022

The worldwide market for environment, health and safety (EHS) software will grow from $1.1 billion in 2017 to $1.7 billion in 2022, according to Verdantix (London, UK). Growth for the EHS Software Market in 2018 and 2019 will be limited to a projected 6% and 7% respectively due to competitive price pressure and the switch from upfront license fees to cloud subscription fees; but double-digit growth from 2020 onwards will result in a projected 9.3% CAGR and total spend of $1.7 billion in 2022. “Only when the larger vendors have traversed the cloud deployment revenue dip will market growth return to double figures,” said Verdantix analyst Trevor Bronson. According to the Verdantix report, 2017 spending in North America on EHS software will be $572 million (52% of the market); and spending in Europe will be $279 million (26%). The research firm’s new market size and forecast model incorporates data from more than 235 software vendors, interviews with 382 EHS directors, and spending on EHS software market by firms with annual revenues of more than $250 million.

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Bernhard Capital acquires three infrastructure management firms

A group led by Bernhard Capital Partners Management LP has acquired three infrastructure management companies: Moreland Altobelli Associates (Duluth, Ga.), PAVETEX Engineering of Texas, and Engineering & Testing Services (ETS, San Ramon, Calif.). Together these businesses will form Atlas Technical Consultants, described as one of the largest project delivery (construction and program management) firms in the United States. Moreland Altobelli provides a full range of environmental services; ETS companies offer environmental and geotechnical engineering as well as construction management and engineering geology. The new company will have more than 30 offices in 11 states and more than 1,000 employees. Major offices will be in Atlanta, San Francisco, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Salt Lake City, Boise, Portland and Honolulu. Atlas will provide comprehensive support in managing large-scale infrastructure programs including engineering, design, program development/management, acquisition and project control services, as well as construction engineering, inspection, and materials testing. Bernhard Capital announced the appointment of L. Joe Boyer as CEO of Atlas. Boyer was formerly CEO of Atkins North America.

CEC opens Lake Havasu City office

Civil & Environmental Consultants Inc. (CEC, Pittsburgh, Pa.) has expanded its regional capabilities in the Southwest with the opening of a Lake Havasu City office in Arizona. The expansion follows the cooperative transition of the Lake Havasu City office of Slater Hanifan Group over to CEC. Kevin Murphy, PE, leads the new office and serves as a senior principal within CEC’s Civil Engineering practice. Murphy is joined by staff from the Lake Havasu City office of Slater Hanifan Group as part of the transition to CEC. Murphy has 30 years of experience with public works projects, including the development and construction of maintenance facilities, water and wastewater treatment plants, sewer and water system expansions, and airport expansions. CEC provides design solutions and consulting in air quality, civil engineering, ecological sciences, environmental engineering and sciences, waste management and water resources.

Trinity Consultants announces acquisition of Argent Consulting

Trinity Consultants announced in December the acquisition of Argent Consulting Services (ACS, Houston). ACS is a consulting firm with a focus on air quality, process safety management and EHS information management. ACS was founded in 1993 and led by founder Greg Haunschild, PE, and Adam Jackson, both of whom will remain with the firm. Shishir Mohan, Trinity’s Gulf Region managing director, said: “ACS has been a respected competitor locally for many years so we are pleased to be joining forces with them to serve Gulf Coast area clients…. The merger also creates additional career growth opportunities for staff from both organizations.” Trinity and ACS will maintain their current Houston office locations for the near term, with plans to consolidate space sometime within the next year.

California‘s de-carbonization goals may require large carbon price increases

Economists at The Brattle Group (Washington, D.C.) have concluded that if California is to reach its ambitious de-carbonization goals, long-term prices of greenhouse gas (GHG) allowances would need to rise substantially in the absence of technological breakthroughs to decrease non-electric emissions. Examining the California GHG market, Brattle’s December discussion paper finds that California has already made substantial progress toward de-carbonization, with enhanced regulatory certainty helping increase GHG allowance prices to a record high of $15/ton in the most recent auction. (SB32 committed to reducing carbon emissions by 40% by 2030, and in 2017 the state’s cap-and-trade program was extended to 2030.) In 2016 GHG emissions dropped by 5%, the most significant year-on-year reduction in GHG emissions since 2013, as a result of new renewable generation, decreased imported coal generation, and high hydro output, Brattle reported. “The potential for high future GHG prices highlights the importance of further improving the economic competitiveness of clean-energy technologies, such as bulk energy storage, and promoting more widespread adoption of electric vehicles,” Brattle said. Despite significant projected additions of renewable generation, the electric sector is not likely to achieve full de-carbonization by 2050 but will likely require further development of storage technologies beyond the current mandates, expansion of California Independent System Operator (CAISO) market footprint, and increased transmission capability for imports and exports, Brattle concluded.


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NSF International announces new environmental services

NSF International (Ann Arbor, Mich.), the global standards and testing organization, has announced new services to help companies measure environmental impacts, identify risks and capitalize on improvement opportunities. “More than ever, organizations are expected to take responsibility for their environmental impact and continually report their progress toward more sustainable operations,” said Jenny Oorbeck, general manager of Sustainability Services at NSF International. “With our proven methodologies, we can help organizations set aggressive targets, develop strategies, and implement policies and programs that will make a lasting, positive impact on their operations and on the environment.” Through NSF International’s analysis of nearly 4,000 sustainability goals listed on PivotGoals, the world’s largest companies have only achieved 3-8% of climate, water, waste and land-use goals. PivotGoals is a database of the environmental, social, and governance targets set by the world’s largest companies, primarily the Fortune Global 250.

UL acquires ChemADVISOR

UL (Northbrook, Ill.), the global safety consulting and certification company, has acquired ChemADVISOR (Pittsburgh, Pa.), a provider of chemical regulatory compliance and data solutions. Integrating ChemADVISOR’s environmental, health, safety and transportation information and solutions will broaden UL’s compliance solution services that help businesses navigate the chemical regulatory landscape, UL said. “Our customers are continually held accountable to be regulatory compliant in the products they design, manufacture, transport and sell,” said UL’s Carlos Correia, SVP of Supply Chain and Sustainability. “With a chemical regulatory and substance database second to none, aligning with ChemADVISOR enables UL to expand our full suite of value chain services to customers and help give them an added level of assurance.” ChemADVISOR was founded in 1986 and has a broad range of customers, mostly large multinationals.

Transatlantic research project redraws U.S. flood map

Scientists and engineers have teamed up across the Atlantic to “redraw” the flood map of the United States, according to a report by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The mapping project reveals 40 million Americans are at risk of having their homes flooded, more than three times as many people as federal flood maps show. The UK-US team said they have filled in “vast amounts of missing information” in the way flood risk is currently measured, BBC reported. The work was due to be presented at the 2017 American Geophysical Union meeting.

Record 129 million dead trees in California

The U.S. Forest Service (Vallejo, Calif.) announced that an additional 27 million trees, mostly conifers, died throughout California since November 2016, bringing the total number of trees that have died from drought and bark beetles to an historic 129 million on 8.9 million acres. “The number of dead and dying trees has continued to rise, along with the risks to communities and firefighters if a wildfire breaks out in these areas,” said Randy Moore, regional forester of the U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region. Last year fire management alone consumed 56% of the Forest Service’s national budget, shrinking funding for non-fire programs that protect watersheds and restore forests, making them more resilient to wildfire and drought. “California’s trees have not yet recovered from the drought and remain vulnerable to beetle attacks and increased wildfire threat…. We need to fix how fire suppression is funded,” said Moore.


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Arcadis selected for biogas project in Ohio

Arcadis (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) has been selected by Columbus, Ohio to design energy efficiency and biogas recycling improvements at the city’s Jackson Pike Wastewater Treatment Plant. The improved plant will recycle biogas to generate electricity, representing a significant step for the city in becoming a more sustainable green community. As prime consultant under an approximately $1 million contract, Arcadis will design a combined heat and power (CHP) engine capable of burning biogas that will power a generator to produce electricity and heat for the plant. Rather than flare the excess biogas, the city aims to recycle it for power.


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Adminstration slashes acreage of two national monuments

President Trump has reduced the size of two national monuments in Utah by around 2 million acres, the largest rollback of federal land protection in the nation’s history, The New York Times reported on December 4. The administration shrank Bears Ears National Monument by 85% and cut Grand Staircase-Escalante by about half. “The decision to reduce Bears Ears is expected to set off a legal battle that could alter the course of American land conservation, possibly opening millions of preserved public acres to oil and gas extraction, mining, logging and other commercial activities,” the article said. President Barack Obama designated Bears Ears a monument in 2016, and President Bill Clinton classified Grand Staircase-Escalante in 1996. President Trump signed an executive order in April instructing Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to review national monuments created since 1996.



For information on EHS software market, Solid Waste Management Segment and Environmental Testing and Analytical Services, market sizes, company profiles and contracts visit our EBJ Vol XXX No 11 & 12: Environmental Industry Overview 2017-2018 page.