$26.8 million biosolids upgrade will reduce environmental footprint

Lancaster Area Sewer Authority (LASA) and Buchart Horn (York, Pa.) have broken ground on a $26.8 million biosolids upgrade and improvement project in Lancaster, Pa. The upgrade is a voluntary, proactive project to reduce LASA’s environmental footprint and will result in Class A biosolids, which is EPA’s highest standard. “We are confident our final selection of anaerobic digestion coupled with heat drying with biogas will provide a sound return on the Authority’s investment dollars and will result in a financially sustainable and environmentally friendly method of handling and distributing our biosolids product,” said Barry Smith, board chairman of LASA.  Buchart Horn, which will serve as project manager, has 15 offices throughout the Eastern United States and Western Europe. Water resources are one of the firm’s three main areas of focus.