$107.5 billion spent on infrastructure in emerging economies in 2014

Public and private financing for energy, water, and transportation infrastructure projects in the developing world totaled $107.5 billion in 2014, a 6% increase over spending levels in 2013, according to a recently released report by the World Bank. Last year’s growth was welcome, but the total still fell short of the $140.4 billion spent on infrastructure in the emerging economies in 2012, the bank said. Infrastructure spending in Brazil, which the bank classifies as one of 139 “low and middle-income” countries, totaled $44.2 billion in 2014, owing in large measure to that nation’s preparation for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Four of the five largest infrastructure projects in the Latin America-Caribbean region are being undertaken in Brazil. In terms of overall infrastructure spending in the emerging economies last year, Turkey, Peru, Colombia, and India fell in behind Brazil.