Reports chart green buildings’ growth, benefits

The market for green building materials will grow to $234.77 billion in 2019 from $106.32 billion in 2012, and the occupants and owners of green buildings should enjoy significant benefits as a result of this growth, according to the findings of a pair of new reports. In Green Building Materials Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2013-2019, Transparency Market Research (Albany, NY) sees building owners and operates as understanding better the impacts of well-functioning green buildings on human health and productivity, and so the demand for green buildings—and thus the demand for materials such as cellulose, cotton, fiberglass, mineral wool, other insulation materials, non-toxic paints and glues, steel with recycled content, engineered lumber, and other materials—is on the rise. Separately, a study by the General Services Administration (GSA), in collaboration with Pacific Northwest Laboratory, reviewed the performance of 22 green federal buildings and found that they cost 19% less to maintain, use 25% less energy and water, emit 36% less carbon dioxide, and have a 27% higher rate of occupant satisfaction than other buildings.