$8 billion renewables project to serve California

Four companies—Pathfinder Renewable Energy, Magnum Energy, Dresser-Rand, and Duke-American Transmission Co.—are preparing a proposal to develop an $8 billion project that will encompass a massive wind farm in Wyoming, a large energy storage facility in Utah, and a 525-mile transmission line connecting those facilities. The proposed $4 billion wind farm would be located about 40 miles north of Cheyenne and would be designed to generate 2,100 megawatts (MW) of electricity. The $1.5 billion, 1,200 MW energy storage facility, to be located at a site near Delta, Utah, would consist of a compressed air energy storage system utilizing four vertical caverns as key components. The transmission line would extend from the wind farm in Wyoming through Colorado to the energy storage facility, while an existing 490-mile transmission line would transport electricity from the storage facility to the Los Angeles area. “This project would be the 21st Century’s Hoover Dam—a landmark of the clean energy revolution,” said Jeff Meyer, managing partner of Pathfinder Renewable Wind Energy. The companies plan to submit the proposal to the Southern California Public Power Authority sometime in early 2015.