$380 million hydropower retrofit for Iowa dam

Missouri River Energy Services (MRES; Sioux Falls, SD) will lead a $380 million project designed to convert the Lake Red Rock Dam near Des Moines, Iowa, to a hydroelectric power facility. Once converted, the dam will be the second largest hydroelectric power plant in the state, generating 36.4 MW and serving 18,000 homes during peak water levels. In 2013, the Iowa legislature enacted legislation allowing the project to receive the same tax credits as wind energy projects. The Army Corps of Engineers and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission recently issued the final approvals for the project. The North Tailwater Recreation Area of Lake Red Rock has already been closed, marking the beginning of the project’s construction. The Newton Daily News in Iowa reported on August 11 that state officials are hoping that the success of the project spurs the development of another large hydroelectric project on the Mississippi River near Iowa’s eastern border.