Technology Merit: Air Pollution Control

Catalytic Products International, Inc. (CPI; Lake Zurich, IL) for the design and manufacture of a custom ammonia abatement system in a modular package. The VANGUARD system is a combined catalytic oxidizer and nitrogen oxide (NOx) reduction system that can be economically applied with many industrial and chemical processes that exhaust ammonia and organic compounds where NOx emissions are of concern, according to CPI. The system uses a first-stage ammonia removal catalyst designed to promote a majority shift to nitrogen. A second-stage NOx removal catalyst can be used with or without sparged ammonia reactant from the process to provide up to 98% reduction in NOx emissions. The system operates at low temperatures, and when incorporated with CPI’s recuperative heat exchanger, it uses little natural gas. CPI has demonstrated that the system can work through a range of influent flow rates and concentrations. According to the company, it provides over 99.4% of liquid ammonium removal from wastewater and over 99% ammonia removal from air stripper exhaust.