Energy Storage Report Looks at Technologies, Trends, and Market Prospects


News Release -- San Diego, Calif. -- The U.S. energy storage market totaled $3.06 billion in 2011 and is expected to exceed $5 billion in 2014, according to Environmental Business International Inc. (EBI), the publisher of U.S. Energy Storage Report 4400.

One of several climate change industry segment reports published by EBI, Report 4400 offers estimates and forecasts through 2014 for utility energy storage services and arbitrage; equipment engineering & construction related to energy storage; and transportation batteries. The report also reviews energy storage technologies, including batteries and flywheels, pumped storage hydro, and compresssed air energy storage.

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"Despite policy challenges and the fact that almost all U.S. utility storage projects are in the pilot phase, the pace of new renewable generation coming online demands a way to integrate variable power sources," noted Jim Hight, senior editor for EBI's Climate Change Business Journal.

"Although other technologies can and do perform the balancing functions required by increased use of wind and solar, it's clear there is growing interest in energy storage among utilities. Those inside the energy storage industry expect to see annual billion dollar markets in new utility projects in the near future."

Renewable Energy Drives the Storage Market
The leading driver for the energy storage business is the need to integrate more variable energy resources such as wind and solar power into the grid. However, storage technology can also be used for ancillary functions, such as frequency regulation and to avoid or defer investments in upgrading the capacity of transmission and distribution lines and substations.

Inside Report 4400:

  • U.S. installed capacity of utility energy storage in MW
  • U.S. energy storage market ($mil) 2005-2014
  • Results of a proprietary survey conducted with the Electricity Storage Assn.
  • Policy and market drivers, technologies and business models shaping the energy storage industry (including transportation batteries)
  • State of pumped hydro, compressed air energy storage, thermal energy storage and batteries for electric utilities and electric vehicles
  • Most significant barriers for batteries in energy storage industry
  • Ranking of market drivers in U.S. energy storage industry
  • U.S. utility implementation of energy storage
  • Major wind energy storage demonstration projects
  • Energy storage technologies in development or production
  • Private equity investment in energy storage
  • Top 10 investments in energy storage
  • Company profiles

Purchase EBI's U.S. Energy Storage Report 4400 (134 pp, 60 exhibits) for $495
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