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EBJ Vol XXIII No 09: Environmental Consulting & Engineering Market Review

EBJ's annual census of the U.S. environmental consulting & engineering industry reveals an almost 4% decline in market size in 2009. Private markets were hardest hit, lead by property developers and domestic manufacturing, but federal markets showed some growth as stimulus funded projects benefited a number of firms. In spite of declining markets, environmental consulting firms in general maintained their profitability much better than in previous cycles, mostly as a result of personnel management tactics. M&A activity has picked up in 2010 and EBJ lists some signature deals and the strategic rationale behind them, with a discussion of deal and valuation drivers from industry experts. EBJ also lists the top 50 U.S. environmental consulting & engineering firms and profiles some firms outpacing the market.


EBJ Vol XXIII No 07 & 08: Environmental Industry Overview

EBJ presents its annual statistical breakdown on the 14 segments of the U.S. environmental industry with 2008 and 2009 revenues and growth. Survey results, survey opinions and interviews with executives identify growth areas in client categories and services, and the key challenges environmental industry executives face in the market today. A general segment overview is followed by dedicated reviews of the environmental testing, hazardous waste management and recycling/resource recovery segments. Features include a report on the BP oil spill cleanup and its possible impacts on the industry.


EBJ Vol XXIII No 06: Environmental Information

Environmental software vendors have evolved into solutions services firms as the environmental information market changes almost at the pace of information technology. Venture investment, M&As and growth persist in environmental information through the recession, largely fueled by the burgeoning market for carbon/greenhous gas systems or enterprise carbon accounting (ECA). EHS software vendors, IT firms, environmental consultants, energy management and accounting firms all compete in the dynamic market to provide information management solutions to corporations and government.


EBJ Vol XXIII No 05: Renewable Energy

An analysis of the renewable energy business in the United States in 2010 with an emphasis on opportunities across the supply chain for consulting engineers and contractors. The $36-billion clean energy systems & power sector, encompassing equipment, power sales and service revenues in wind, solar, geothermal and biomass grew 14% in 2009, almost 12 percentage points better than any other environmental industry segment.


EBJ Vol XXIII No 04: Green Planning

A snapshot of the planning business, new opportunities developing in master planning and the implementation projects that ensue, and the companies that compete in the green and sustainable planning business.


EBJ Vol XXIII No 03: Remediation & Redevelopment

Remediation Overview: The remediation market was flat in 2009, as federal projects and backlog held off the downturn for a number of remediation contractors. Projects and practices are turning green with growing consciousness regarding energy costs and sustainability in the market. Struggling brownfields redevelopment markets seek connection with economic stimulus priorities.


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