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EBJ Vol XXX No 01 & 02: Executive Review 2017 and 2016 EBJ Business Achievement Awards

EBJ's annual edition listing the EBJ Business Achievement Awards from the previous year and Q&As with key senior executives in the environmental industry. The detailed treatment of 50+ award winners provides a view into what separated successful companies, projects and technologies in the environmental industry in 2016. Winners are divided into business achievement by size, M&A, IT and new practice areas. Outstanding projects and new technology development or applications are awarded Project Merit Awards or Technology Merit Awards. Finally companies are recognized for contributions to the industry and society at large. Executive Q&As are presented with the following senior executives detail their market perspectives, strategic priorities, management initiatives, policy opinions and insights into their business and the industry.


EBJ Vol XXIX No 11 & 12: Environmental Consulting & Engineering Industry Review & Outlook 2016-2017

EBJ's annual analysis of the environmental consulting & engineering industry details a full statistical account of the $30 billion U.S. C&E industry in 2015 and 2016, with final figures for 2015 and an updated forecast for 2017-18. A market overview and the accompanying EBJ dataset in Excel format provides a market breakdown and forecast by client, media and service type and exhibits show geographic breakdowns and lists of top firms. After 2-3% growth in 2015 and 2015, and forecasts 3-3.5% for 2016 and 2017.


EBJ Vol XXIX No 09 & 10: Environmental Industry Overview 2016

The U.S. environmental industry grew 3.5% in 2015, according to research and data compiled by Environmental Business International Inc., publisher of EBJ. The environmental industry’s total of $363.3 billion in revenues represented 2.83% of the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) in 2015, and EBI estimates environmental industry employment at 1.73 million in 2014, up 4,500 from 2014 with gains in clean energy offset by loss of employment in resource recovery and industrial services related to the oil & gas industry. In 2016, EBI forecasts that the U.S. environmental industry will grow 3.7%, with annual average growth in 2017-2019 of 3-4%. EBJ’s annual industry overview edition presents statistical summaries of the entire industry in 14 segments with multiple charts with revenues, growth, employment, number of companies, forecast and revenue breakdowns by client, media and function.


EBJ Vol XXIX No 07 & 08: The U.S. Water Industry 2016

EBJ annual analysis of the $160-billion U.S. water industry with data tables on the industry in 10 subsegments, key trends, top company lists and growth forecast. Interviews and comments by leaders and innovators in consulting & engineering, equipment manufacturing, trade associations and analysts complement EBJ's market analysis and lists of top companies in Water Equipment & Chemicals, Water C&E, Water/Wastewater Construction, Utilities and global companies. Water industry themes of aging infrastructure, water scarcity, funding and real pricing are familiar, but reuse and efficiency or 'one water', information systems & automation or 'smart water', and climate impacts or 'resilient water' are all themes on the minds of the industry.


EBJ Vol XXIX No 05 & 06: Environmental Industry Outlook 2016 and EBJ Annual Snapshot Survey

EBJ provides data on 2015 growth and a forecast for 2016-2017 in environmental service segments by client, region and services, based on economic analysis and a comprehensive survey of 140 environmental industry executives. At the midpoint of 2016, economists and business planners remain tepid about the global and U.S. economy. The consensus on 2016 real growth rates is 2.3% and 2.1%, respectively. The combination of government budget and client industry forecasts with EBJ's weighting of key factors leads to a current forecast of 3.3-3.5% growth in 2016 and 2017. Discussion of short-term client needs, big picture opportunities, 2016 election scenarios, industry dynamics, ownership trends and a selection of company profiles puts EBJ's environmental industry outlook into context.


EBJ Vol XXIX No 03 & 04: Environmental Contracting Services 2016

This edition of EBJ features analysis on two major segments of the environmental industry: hazardous waste management and remediation/industrial services that together comprise environmental contracting. These sectors — the “contracting” segments of the environmental industry — accounted for $24.5 billion in revenues in 2015, according to EBJ segmentation and analysis portrayed in charts and tables in this edition along with a ranking and profiles of top companies. The environmental contracting business totaled $24.5 billion in the United States in 2015, according to research by Environmental Business International, publisher of EBJ, with a fractional 0.1% gain in aggregated revenues of eight sub-segments. Environmental contracting as defined here by EBI includes the total of two of EBI 14 segments in the $371-billion U.S. environmental industry: $10.9-billion in Hazardous Waste Management and $13.6-billion in Remediation/Industrial Services.


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